From department store to ENAZ-STORE

Did you know that every tenth online order ends up being returned to the department store?

We were very surprised and asked ourselves what would happen to the articles.

Believe us, a lot is happening! Some items go back to the manufacturer, others are sold directly to wholesalers, others are released for sale and that's where we two little fishes come into play.

With our very small possibilities at the beginning, we wanted to contribute to creating a better awareness. consumption in excess. Does it have to be that way? Someone orders it and doesn't want it, the other wants it and doesn't get it because the price is too high. We have made it our task to put together what belongs together. Lots of products at low prices.

Sustainability is very important to us, so why not buy a fully functional return instead of ensuring that even more products are produced in abundance and harm our environment.

Support us with the means given to us to leave the world a little cleaner.

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