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Cecotec panel radiators with Wi-Fi control Ready Warm 1200 Thermal Connected

Cecotec panel radiators with Wi-Fi control Ready Warm 1200 Thermal Connected

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  • The heater has 6 heating fins and a large power of 900W, which can quickly heat up the room in which it is placed. Its large effective area of ​​up to 10 m² makes it possible to reach the desired temperature in a short time in a room of this size.
  • Its Wi-Fi control via a smartphone allows you to choose the different operating settings of the heater. Thanks to its LCD screen and remote control, the transmitter offers total control in a smart and convenient way.
  • It has a programmable timer, thanks to which you can set the time when the transmitter should work. Thanks to its temperature controller, the device detects the current temperature of the room and it is possible to choose the desired temperature between 5º and 40º in a range.
  • Maximum adaptability, since the device can either be placed permanently on the wall or, thanks to its device feet, be portable throughout the house.
  • It has 2 safety systems, overheat protection (protects your house) and child lock (prevents children from changing the settings).
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